People of Trivandrum Support PPP model development of TRIVANDRUM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

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Trivandrum International Airport being the first international airport in Kerala is in the verge of losing its international airport status due to the non availability of space for further development. Currently the airport is being managed by the AAI . However all these years  different ruling parties in the state has completely neglected the TVM airport and thereby it's development has been completely stalled. The Central Govt has recently decided to develop the Trivandrum airport under PPP model along   with 5 other airports in India. This was a welcome move by the Central Government as far as people of Trivandrum is considered because a world class operator is required to develop the airport to it's its full potential. But as usual due to vested interests and due to the pressure of lobbies from central Kerala all the political parties are opposing the PPP Model development of Trivandrum airport . This opposition is happening not only in the case of Airport development but also for each and every other developmental works which are supposed to happen in Trivandrum. But the irony is when Cochin & Kannur airport is runnig  under PPP model , no political parties are having any sort of problem. If the same thing is implemented in Trivandrum these people are of the opinion that the Central Government is ruining the Trivandrum airport. No political parties or employees union fought against anyone when almost 5 airlines has stopped their services from our airport. Nobody raised their voice when the airport was charging exorbitant user fee from passengers.Nobody even bothered to raise their voice for a better infrastructure especially for our domestic terminal.

   Therefore the time has come for the people of Trivandrum to show our strength to these people and to remind them that we are living in a democratic country and these elected representatives should work towards the development of our city by understanding the voice of the people in this District and neighbouring districts and not for their vested political interests. Friends trust me ,United we stand divided we fall. Keep the politics aside .. Stand together for making our city a world class city..Let us show these people what we want . Enough is enough. It's us who decide what we want not these political parties. Once again request everyone to Stand United for the PPP Model development for our airport.Thank you all.