To The Australian Immigration Minister This Family Needs Review.

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This beautiful family whom have done everything right are being hit by immigration AGAIN! With Dan being told he there is a high possibility he will have to leave Australia...his wife & their children two of whom suffer disabilities after 8 years due to a mishap on paperwork. Currently he has been issued a Visa E & compliance is required 14.6.17, medical visa in regards to the young children was applied for straight away post bridging visa being attained now they have 21 days to  apply to the tribunal.

They have already spent thousands of $$$$ to do the RIGHT thing but are being penalised. This man is impeccable in character over the years LEGALLY working in Australia has financially supported his wife's family.

This beautiful loving family are besides themselves with fear. They've already spent thousands of dollars in doing the right thing paperwork wise for the department of immigration but one page was missed now hes being informed that his prior impeccable history doesn't stand due to a one page mishap....& he will most likely need to go offshore home to Ireland for 5 years or to NZ for a minimum of 11months to reapply Foran entry visa.....Married 3 kids 2 which have disabilities....looking at 5 years back in Ireland or 11 months in NZ minimum how is this family whom have done everything right missed one page by a week boom you're is this family expected to survive financially & emotionally!!!! He is the provider for his wife & children so she can maintain the 3 children but mostly the two that suffer from autism. Plus his wife's mother that he has financially put himself on the line for to support also, morally, ethically & financially within the guidelines of Australian taxation & financial laws.

My question Mr immigration Minister of Australia Hon Peter Dutton is how is this possible? A family whom have & continue to do the right thing by the Australian Immigration Department , the Australian taxation system, the Australian Financial Institutions, a man doing right by his wife & children & his wife's family. One page missed no notification until visa revoked & start again.

Yet Hon Peter Dutton there are thousands of illegal holiday visa overstayers whom are able to work unpenalised, live unpenalised via Australian taxes & be able to obtain visas wrongfully within Australia yet those whom are honest, comply with the department of immigration laws, paperwork, the lawful expectations, have families & are married for over 12months are penalised & punished.

This families case NEEDS to be reviewed by you personally & the one page missed....notification from the department needs to be reviewed immediately & this case should be overturned.