Sharp Hills Wind Farm...Life on the Prairies will never be the same

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We are petitioning our governing bodies to withhold any approvals for the Sharp Hills Wind Farm (EDP Renewables) and help us ensure that proper environmental studies and more stringent regulations are in place. This wind farm is to consist of 83 turbines with a staggering height of 200 meters (656 feet). They would be the tallest turbines in North America. As an example, imagine having 83 Calgary Tower’s in your back yard!

There are currently no provisions in the municipal regulations to add a greater setback distance from property lines or dwellings due to this enormous height. As the regulation currently states, it would not matter if the turbines were 5 meters tall or 500 meters tall, the setbacks would remain the same. This is not right and absolutely has to be changed. The greater the height, the greater the setback distance should be.

The environmental impact assessments that have been conducted, are mainly just desktop studies based on old information from a power line project that ran through the area. It is easy to understand that there is a massive difference between the environmental impact of a power line and a 200-meter-tall wind turbine. These studies hold no merit in regards to this project and can not be accepted.

The noise surveys were strictly completed by desktop study. This size of turbine has not been field tested for noise emissions in this climate or geography. The negative health impacts to humans, animals and plant life, from general noise to infrasound, are being completely overlooked. We are being asked to simply take the wind companies word for it! This is not the due diligence that we should expect from a project of this magnitude.

Once wind farms are set up in a community, there is no more recourse for those living in that area. In all circumstances, those who are the most vulnerable are simply bullied into living with the consequences of the government and wind corporation’s actions. We are being forced to accept these projects by people who are not personally affected by these structures in any way. They do not recognize the detrimental effects to our prairie landscape, the adverse health effects to humans, wildlife and plants, or the negative social and economic impacts to our communities.

Our group would like individuals to engage themselves in studying the adverse effects of wind farms. The amount of information available is endless. Remember, just because the government and wind companies tell you its ok, does not make it true! Do the research for yourself and ASK QUESTIONS!

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 The Clearview Environment group is made up of resident land owners from the area being affected by the Sharp Hills Wind Farm in the communities of Sedalia and New Brigden, Alberta.