lower Ayurvedic Urea price immediately

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We want to call up for all short communities to gather together and help us in achieving the goal of lowering Ayurvedic Urea prices, link to official website here. The prices they have listed on their website is highly unaffordable and we normal individuals cannot afford those prices there. We want to have realistic average rates so that we could at least try the world's legit medicine to treat human bones disorder.

Ok so the real thing is we understand that they hold the product and they are responsible for the decision of whether to lower the prices or not and it’s completely natural but a tough decision making process. I strongly believe that these organisations can make more money by reducing the prices of Ayurvedic Urea medicine and if they do so they could technically get more customers and more sales. The price put up on their website is 20000 dollars for a 4 inches pack and it is no way even near for anyone who makes 100k a year to afford because 20k is not a joke and it’s a huge amount of money to be spent on some medicines. They have to quickly decide on how much they should change their price. See this review page.  Lowering prices to like 1k or 2k will be a great idea for such exotic product but still it’s too much to afford by normal people.

How much they should lower Ayurvedic Urea price?

They have to lower the price drastically and shouldn’t hike their price again in the near future because doing so they will be harming their business themselves. The way their price hike is taking place it is going to harm them in the future because no buyer will be able to buy at such prices and they will be over supply and have to go either bankrupt or supply it cheaply and if they cannot do that they must sell the business to someone else who can handle the business properly and effectively without hurting customer sentiments. I understand that a company that is highly successful would like to increase their price because they have high volume of buyers and it’s the best idea to do so because they will sell their stuff easily and quickly but that doesn’t mean that they keep price to such a level no body could afford. This is our sincere suggestion to Mrs Sharon Stone that please listen to us and help us reducing the prices of Ayurvedic Urea today at any cost.... We look forward to hearing from you.

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