Convert abandonne baseball field (Clifford Allen Park) into year round dog park.

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This petition is to garner public support for the city of Ottawa to
convert the abandoned baseball diamond at Glifford Allen Park, across from 3091 Albion Road North, into a fenced-in community dog park.

A dog park would be an inexpensive, optimal use of this space, requiring minimal cost and maintenance while improving the sense of community in the neighbourhood, and the quality of life for both two-legged and four-legged constituents.

The costs associated with this transformation include:
-Installing fencing around the entire field, a dog entrance, and a smaller area for little dogs. 
-Moving the big rocks blocking the entrance,
-Installing a sign with rules,
-A picnic table,
-Adding a couple of large garbage can and including it on the garbage route,
-Cutting the grass on a regular basis (the land is already level) and,
-Snow Clearing the parking lot.

This park, owned by the city, is approximately half a km from houses in the neighbourhood so a dog park would not disrupt neighbours.  There are a lot of dog owners in the neighbourhood and no fenced-in dog parks in the Heron Gate, South Keys, Alta Vista or Hunt Club areas.

Dog owners would welcome the opportunity to have a safe, convenient, out of the way place for their pets to exercise and practice socialization. Dog parks are especially valuable in the winter when it's more dangerous to walk on the sidewalks, especially for elderly and disabled pet owners. 

Developing this dilapidated abandoned baseball field would turn an otherwise unused space into a fun, well-frequented park.