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Vote "No Confidence" in the Director of Nursing Wheat Ridge Regional Center

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It is with sadness that I would like to inform you that we have lost yet another nurse. Susie was fired by the Director of Nursing Janet Monson last week. Friends, at what point can we decide that enough is enough? At what point will leadership be held accountable for the 13 nurses that have been fired or have quit in the last year since Janet Monson became Director of Nursing at Wheat Ridge Regional Center (WRRC)? We did not have a nursing staffing issue before Janet Monson, we do now, BECAUSE of Janet Monson. Janet has been reported repeatedly for being verbally abusive to nurses, for being vindictive and retaliating against any perceived slight, for creating a hostile work environment.  Yet every time, after Human Resources turn things over to Dawn Jacobs, the Director of WRRC nothing happens.  Dawn and Janet are good friends and we wonder why nothing happens to Janet Monson.

Susie was one of the few experienced nurses, at WRRC, she had worked at University Hospital for 7 years and had never been fired from a job before this. She had also never received a verbal or written warning by Janet, but was called in and ambushed with a number of charges, reinforced by a supervisor who has never worked the same shift as Susie and then fired without a chance to defend herself. How can we not have a paper trail, how can one person play Judge, Jury and Executioner in one meeting?

WRRC has long complained of being underfunded, how are they explaining our tax dollars being used to orient new nurse for a few months and then fire them and repeat? (13 TIMES!!!). How isn't anyone being held accountable?

Since becoming Director of Nursing last year, Janet Monson has changed nurses yearly evaluations (PMAP) so that nurses can only call in, through either sickness or emergencies, twice in a year before being written up.  WRRC policy clearly states that you can call in at least 10 times in a year before you reach level 1. This is forcing sick nurses to come to work and care for your loved ones, is this fair? Worse, yet, Janet only enforces this rule against nurses she doesn’t like.

Janet changes nurses schedules at whim, sometimes two to three times a day to try and catch nurses unaware. How is this fair for nurses who have families and lives outside of work?

Janet changed rules so now nurses have to work an extra 30 minutes without pay as a lunch break but have to keep their phones and be available. This is illegal under Colorado law.

Friends, 13 nurses have left in the last year alone, this revolving door of nurses has had a detrimental effect on your loved ones. Clients have been constantly losing nurses they get attached to and are having to constantly get used to a another new face. How are these "new faces" effecting the progress our loved ones are making? 

The nursing department is constantly understaffed because of Janet’s leadership, the first shift is the most effected because that is when Janet is in the Nursing department micromanaging and reducing morale. We now have two nurses for 20 houses while another nurse is at SLC. How can one nurse who has 10 houses (an average of 7 clients per house) be able to provide good quality care to each and every resident? Do you think a nurse that has 9 other houses will be able to respond in a timely manner to a medical emergency? The department is stretched thin and demoralized. The nurses that have stayed, stay because they love caring for your loved ones, yet are waiting for Janet to turn on them. Please stop treating nurses as expendables. This revolving door of nurses is having a detrimental effect on our clients, a medically fragile and underserved population. Any positive you are seeing from the nursing department is IN SPITE of all these disadvantages, in-spite of Janet Monson NOT because of her.

Janet has succeeded in alienating nurses so that her few favorites get to run the show. Please help us in signing this petition to fire Janet Monson for ineffective leadership, for creating a hostile work environment and for not being able to keep good nurses.

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