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Remove the GST on Female Sanitary Products and replace it with GST on Sugar!

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The GST taxes items deemed as 'luxuries' at 10% of their original cost. Female sanitary products are classified as such, and therefore the majority of Australian women have to pay extra on an item that is used all the time.

In a world where men and women in Australia, as well as many other countries experience many issues that are unfair and unjust, one issue that affects most biological women is essentially being taxed for having 'blood babies' at least once a month. The Australian Government has had many proposals to remove the GST on female sanitary products like pads and tampons, but none of these have passed, despite all the valid reasons presented.

Additionally, sugar is considered a 'necessity', despite it being well known that sugar has many negative effects on people, and is a leading cause in obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and many other illnesses. Also, if the government were to remove GST on female sanitary products, they would lose more than $30 million, which is all used in one way or another to help our country. In order to compensate, sugar should be considered a 'luxury', and be put under the GST.

Why is something so detrimental to human health considered a 'necessity', but something crucial to millions of Australians everyday living a 'luxury'?

Sign this petition, and you will help Australians lead better lives, whether it is because they don't have to pay tax on an item essential for everyday living, or because they aren't buying sugar as often, leading to decreased rates of disease and obesity.


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