Justice for death from Hosp Infection

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Im sure after reading this, you would do the same. Please read, and share, this need to be made public so it never happens again!!.

My mum died of the 'flesh eating bug' due to admitted hosp failures.

8yrs ago in sept my mum went into Wishaw General Hosp for symptom relief from Ascities.  My mum had recently been diagnosed with a return of breast cancer cells in her abdomen area, this causes a build up of fluid.

Her Gp had sent her for urgent ct scan in the April, he actually sent 2 marked urgent, these were never done! 

A drain was inserted into my mums left side to drain the fluid, there was no consent form signed. During the time drain was in my mum was alert, walking about & feeling well. 

I got a call from my mum to say the drain had fallen out on to bathroom floor and was re-inserted!! I went up to be given bag of my mums clothes & told not to bother washing them but to bin them.

After visiting my mum the next aftn, she was well & looking to get home, i went home to get organised for evening visit. Within a couple of hours i got a call. My mum had taken seriously ill and was moved to side room.

I rushed up to find my mum sleeping on drips and told they would do everything for her. Few days went on and being told each day could be my mums last.  I walked into hosp one morning to be told i was in for a surprise!! My mum was awake, sitting up, looking & feeling so much better.

A couple days later i went in and told to sit in a side room.  In front of my husband, myself, and 2 other witness's i was told by a consultant " we have caused this but we cant solve it". My mum has extensive spread of Necrotising Fascittis-'fleah eating bug'.  I was told she would survive the day.

My mum was strong, and was not ready to die, she lived for another 10days. Everyday my mum begged to get out of that room.

A week after my mum died the discharge letter came to her address-it was folded wrong should have had gp address in window! It stated my mum contracted ecoli & that progressed to necrotising fascittis. No one told me my mum contracted ecoli.!! 

I have read my mum notes-they were a disgrace! I have had numerous meeting with the Hosp board -lead consultant, and hosp general manager. These have all been minuted.

They told me the drain was in too long, 4days instead of 6hrs!! They have admitted the drain did fall out & was re inserted. They have made the statement that my mum went in for symptom relief but due to their actions and failures caused my mums death. An ombusmans report also backs all this up.

8yrs ltr im still fighting for justice!! The get out clauses - days are missing from my mums case load, esp ones when drain fell out. No proper policies on drainage procedure, they just said sorry to keep me quiet.

I have now got reports from medical experts stating my mum hospital treatment was wrong to the point of nelegect. This is still not enough!

How can this be right!!

Things  need to change!! 

I am fighting for justice for my mum, for those who have no one to fight for them.

If wrong has been done & has been admitted then justice need to be seen.

My mum should have been able to die in dignity at a time when she was ready to go.

Please share this, the more public it is the more changes will be forced to be made.