Help Andrew Beanland gain employment at Ashby Ponds once again!

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On Friday April 7th 2017, it was announced that Andrew Beanland's contract was terminated with Ashby Ponds Retirement Living Community. Ashby Ponds is a retirement communtiy located in Ashburn, Virginia, and is a branch of Erikson Living Communities. Andrew Beanland, more specifically worked at Bluesky Restaurant, a dining area in Ashby Ponds. As a 19 year old, Andrew was a full time employee working an average of 6 days a week, covering other peoples shift on the seventh day, when most other employees only worked 2-3 days a week. He was a very hard worker and kind to every single employee and customer. He was everyones first friend when they started working at Ashby Ponds, and helped ease them into what was most people's first job. On Saturday April 1st, it was April Fools Day, but what was about to ensue was no joke. An altercation happened between Andrew and a Chef in the Bluesky kitchen, with Andrew defending his manager. No physical, just a verbal debate. While the opposing party began to yell and curse, Andrew kept calm and eventually removed himself from the situation, with the help of his manager. Andrew did not deserve to get fired, he was a strong employee, and Bluesky, Ashby Ponds, and Erikson Living are at a huge loss. With this petition, we hope to bring Andrew back and let him work with Bluesky Restaurant once again!