Stop the Cruel Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Shark Scramble

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Stop the Cruel Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Shark Scramble

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Ty Savoy started this petition to Shark Scramble Organizer - Bob Gavel and

The Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, annual Shark Scramble Derby is back on for this year, It's set for August 12th-13th 2017, after a two year hiatus. 

This may be good news for the organizers, but it's definitely bad news for the sharks, and bad news for people who care about and respect animals.

Looking online at video and pictures from this shark scramble in previous years, I'm personally disgusted. Hauling these beautiful animals out of their homes in the water, for 'a fun contest', is just plain wrong. There's no need for these sharks to die.

The argument that gets trotted out each time in support of these things, that scientific research is involved, strikes me as a weak one; very self-serving.

In this 2016 news story, some Dalhousie University scientists voice their opinion:

Shark researchers question DFO policy on catch-and-kill derbies

'Brendal Townsend, a shark researcher at Dalhousie University, says she is concerned that the data collected is no longer scientifically useful. She believes the same information could be gathered through catch-and-release methods. '

"They say that they're collecting data. But just because you're collecting data that doesn't make it science ... If they're justifying the catching and killing of these animals, that information needs to be available to the public, not just in internal documents at DFO," Townsend said. 

'Townsend says she is worried about the optics of killing a large shark and displaying it as a prize. 

"We're catching and killing sharks and hanging them up for display for the general public. And that is an optical issue," she said.

"I think that's something that needs to be considered. Because sharks are not out there to eat people. They're not out there roaming the seas to get the next beach-goer. They're actually very fragile creatures, and very important for the ecosystem."

Christine Ward-Paige, who teaches and studies sharks at Dalhousie, is also concerned about the derbies. She noted that the largest sharks are the ones that are killed. 

"In Australia, one of the most well-managed shark fisheries in the world, they have imposed maximum size limits for shark fishing," Ward-Paige wrote in an email.

"They protect those largest sharks that are reproducing adults. This highlights the difference here, where Nova Scotia derbies kill only the biggest individuals." 


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By signing -  Tell the organizer of this event - Bob Gavel, Yarmouth Mayor Pam Mood, Yarmouth Town Councillors, and one of their major sponsors -  Hyundai Canada that you don't want this needless cruelty to continue.

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This petition had 3,886 supporters

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