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Stop shark finning

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What is shark finning?

Shark finning is when a person removes the fins from a alive shark. The shark is then thrown back into the ocean with no fins. The shark is unable to breath or swim therefore they sink to the bottom and die.

Why do sharks need fins?

Sharks need fins so they can keep their balance in the water and not tip over on it’s stomach. Some sharks starve to death, others are slowly eaten by other fish, and some drown, because sharks need to keep moving to force water through their gills for oxygen.

What are the most common species of sharks that are targeted by shark finning?

Blue sharks,
Great hammerhead,
Bull shark,
Tiger shark,
Hammerhead and
Silky shark oceanic white tip

How does shark finning affect the marine ecosystem?

As apex predators, sharks play an important role in the ecosystem by maintaining the species below them in the food chain and serving as an indicator for ocean health. They help remove the weak and the sick as well as keeping the balance with competitors helping to ensure species diversity.

As predators, they shift their prey’s habitat, which changes the feeding strategy and diets of other species. Through the controls and abundance, sharks indirectly maintain the seagrass and corals reef habitats. The loss of sharks has led to the decline in coral reefs, seagrass beds and the loss of commercial fisheries.

How can society stop shark finning?

By not consuming shark fin soup or any other shark products.

"When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too".WildAid


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