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August 5, 2022
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Beyond The Bell LAUSD
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chevon Hicks

Saturday Soccer has been in existence for over 10 years.  Every Saturday, for 2 hours at the end of the day, when the kid's group (TKG) has finished their games.

They now refuse to share the field with us.

The city has been pressured by TKG to change their official policy regarding kids' groups -  from "priority time" to "unlimited time". 

Ironically, as many of you experienced last week (8/30/22) the field is often left vacant! TKG books all of the available time, whether it is being used or not.

The goal of this petition is to persuade either LAUSD or The City of Los Angeles to REVERT BACK TO THEIR PRE-PANDEMIC POLICY - which allowed our group to play soccer on Saturdays for well over a decade.

As many of you know, I put my time, money and energy into bringing you all the best pickup soccer experience in Los Angeles.  I've tried talking to all of the parties involved and no one is budging because they think we don't have a voice - and they're right!  Without your help, I'm just one soccer-crazed dude yelling into the void.

However, if we demonstrate that we have a voice, that we are indeed an important part of the community, and that simply, Saturday Soccer is important to us, we just might be able to get back out there again!

Please sign this petition.

Thank you,

Chevon Hicks

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Signatures: 437Next Goal: 500
Support now

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