Don't Slaughter Our Cove

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Don’t Slaughter the Cove! Pilgrim’s Pride is trying to buy 300 acres in the middle of the 50,000-acre McLemore Cove for a chicken slaughtering megasite. It will ruin our land, fill the air with a terrible smell, tear up the country roads with all the trucks going through the area and pollute our drinking water and property. We are not against development and jobs, but the chicken plant should not go in McLemore Cove. Walker County has an industrial park where it can go if it must.

Here's how a chicken plant would harm McLemore Cove and all who live here:

These roads cannot support the traffic of chicken trucks. Besides all the traffic, the trucks will tear up the roads, and taxpayers will be stuck with the bill. Our country roads are not built for chicken trucks - a crash with a chicken truck on a narrow road is much more dangerous than regular traffic.

This is a proposed chicken slaughtering mega site. The chicken plant will ruin the land, polluting the surrounding area and our drinking water. It will attract infectious diseases and fill the air with an unbearable stench.

Pilgrim’s Pride forces employees to work in terrible conditions and does not pay fair wages. We are not against jobs, but we cannot allow a chicken plant in the middle of 50,000 acres of pristine natural land. Walker County HAS an industrial park where it could go instead.

The location is near Route 193 and Route 341 in Kensington, in the middle of McLemore Cove. McLemore Cove is about 50,000 acres and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

We cannot allow Pilgrim’s Pride to slaughter the cove. Act now!

-Sign the petition - we'll send a letter directly to Walker County Sole Commissioner Shannon Whitfield.

-Attend meetings - The Walker County Commissioner holds public meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of every month. These meetings take place at 6 p.m. at the Courthouse Annex III building, 201 S Main Street in LaFayette. Agendas for these meetings are released at least 24 hours in advance.

-Protest with signs


-Write and call your elected officials:
Walker County Sole Commissioner
P.O. Box 445
101 South Duke Street
LaFayette, GA 30728
706-638-1437 Office
706-638-1453 Fax

Economic & Community Development Director Robert Wardlaw: 706-996-7971

-Email, call and message news outlets on social media

-Protest. Protest. Protest!