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Petitioning Director of Adult Services, Department of Corrections Kathleen Dickerson and 3 others

Shannon Smith Release: He was deny appeal under penal code 665.5 and under 1192.7



Shannon was incarcerated at age of 15yrs old for first offense of robbery and attempted murder. He was given 30 years and served 18 years presently and served his time for the crime. Shannon has mention that he is sorry to his victims of his crime. At the time, he was young misguided, confused soul. Shannon came from good parent's he just chooses to engage with the wrong people on the streets. This cost him all of his teenage years. He states that he wish he could take back the harm and destruction that he inflicted upon people as a youth. Life lessons are our greatest teachers.


Today he is a change married man wanting to start a family and transition back into society. Shannon has received his GED, took college courses, and wrote a book called Voiceless which address his life experience through conscience poetry.

Shannon plans to be a journalist and support young people in the community to reach their dreams and stay focus on their strengths.


Letter to
Director of Adult Services, Department of Corrections Kathleen Dickerson
State of Calafornia Classification and Parole Representatives
Govenor of Calafornia Govenor Jerry Brown
and 1 other
Attorney General Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris,
Govenor Jerry Brown
Katheleen Dickerson
Classification and Parole Representatives

We respectfully request that you make the right decision and immediately release Shannon. This petition is in full and complete support of Shannon Smith’s release. It’s time for Shannon to come home to us now. He was deny appeal under penal code 665.5 and under 1192.7
According to the California Code of Regulations Title 15 under Penal Code 2933;except were otherwise prohibited by law, effective January 25, 2010, for every six months of continuous incarceration from date of sentencing to CDCR, on eligible inmate shall be rewarded six months reduction in term of imprisonment.
Shannon don’t fall under 667.5 because it deals with prior prison terms; enhancements of prison terms for new offenses. He has no prison priors.
Shannon does not fall under 1192.7 because it deals with legislative intent regarding prosecution of violent sex crimes; plea bargaining; limitations; definitions; admendments of section. Shannon did not make a plea bargain or does he has sex crimes!
So therefore there is no reason to deny under 667.5 or 1192.7 they do not apply to him, We request you adhere to your policy and grant his appeal as well as release him back into society.

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