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Conduct "S.T.A.N.D. Meeting" at all schools across the Nation.

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As citizen, parent and soon to be teacher I ask for our education system to take charge and educate the parents and public of the “red flags” that can be spotted in our children, other adults or our children’s friends.

We ask that the federal government take S.T.A.N.D. ( Stop Think Actively Notify Danger ) and lead the states into a new line of education for parents, children and the community of each district.  Each State is to break down by school districts or counties if preferred and develop an education plan. To develop this new format, we require the assistance of psychologist, medical specialist, school councilors and teachers of each district or county. All levels will need to be discussed From Elementary to Secondary school systems

We propose each public school across the nation is to hold a public-school “S.T.A.N.D. Meeting”, mandatory for parents or guardians of attending students. 

STOP and reflect on what you read or what was said to you directly. 

THINK about your concern and warning signs. 

ACTIVELY make a decision. 

NOTIFY adult, teacher etc. 

DANGER Do not hesitate to notify police if weapons are in possession. 

The following will included discussion:

Student and adults are to gain knowledge of mental illness and learn trigger words that they may hear or actions they may see from another student or adult.

Student and adults are to gain knowledge in suicidal actions, trigger words or cries for help.

Parents are to take initiative and review child’s social media, home journal, and other outlets the child may seek, if you have concerns.

Parents and Students are encouraged to speak with school counselors, principal or teachers is concerns arise for any student, parent/ guardian or adult at home or on campus.

Discussion of adding Veteran or Retired Police presence on campus.  This discussion is to take place per school, with parent presence.  The discussion is to be made per school not district. 

Additional information to include:

Include knowledge of current student social medias

Learn technology that can allow you to monitor text messages, phone calls etc.,

Devise a check system at home for children who are acting troubled.

Include an outlet/contact for the community to go to if they need help with a child at home.

It is OUR responsibility as much as anyone’s in this nation to be a part of stopping shootings before they happen. This past Monday a grandmother turned in her own grandson to the police. Why? Because She read his journal and found that he was planning a massacre at one of the Everett high schools here in Washington State. This student researched multiple mass shootings of schools and decided that he wanted to have the greatest outcome of them all. When he was arrested his journal, with plans, was taken.   As well as an assault rifle and multiple military grenades. This woman saved the lives of many, even though it brought great heartbreak to do so.


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