Independent audit of The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

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The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba is proposing a fee increase for a second consecutive year. 

They claim the increase is needed in part to make up for three consecutive years of unprecedented legal resulting in soaring deficit.  

The CRNM professional conduct review process is expensive, lengthy, unfair and victimizing. In some cases, members have been charged unspecified "costs" for investigations that were never conducted and requests for accountability around how the College is spending members' money go unanswered.  

Members are being identified by name online in decisions that lack basic investigative process and procedural fairness.  Privacy violations are not uncommon.

These issues have been brought forward to the Manitoba government, the Minister of Health and other MLAs.  

To no avail.

We the public and nurses of Manitoba expect fairness, accountability and transparency from the CRNM.  In order to achieve that, we ask that the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba undergo independent audit of its regulatory practices before it imposes yet another fee increase.  

The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba should be held to no lesser standard than are those they govern.