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Stop "training" videos that utilize punishment, abuse and fear to achieve dog behavior.

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There is a lot of false information on the internet. Certified Professional Dog Trainers fight this issue all the time because of popular shows and trainers claiming for a quick fix.  Punishment based dog training is harmful for the dog and the public. It does not allow for the trainer to address the root of the problem and in most cases owners see immediate results and then regression and escalation of problem behaviors soon after.  

There are scientifically proven, humane, force free methods to deal with every behavior problem a dog could present. The problem is that these methods must be applied correctly and methodically.  Certified Professional Dog Trainers educate the public on a daily basis, but this is not enough. 

We need YouTube's help promoting factual information and eliminating "Dominance Theory", "Pack Leader" and other abusive punishment based training. The distinction is typically connected to equipment used for these methods. Equipment such as "Shock Collars", "Pinch Collars" and "Choke Chains" cannot be used in a humane way. 

YouTube is used daily as a tool for education and awareness. Typical dog owners cannot learn appropriate techniques if they are presented with conflicting information. We would simply like to present the public with factual information. There are countless techniques to teach dogs new things. We want to present the humane methods that will improve the bond between dog and owners and that will reduce stress for all those involved. 

Join the positive revolution.  Sign this petition and speak up for all the dogs that don't have a voice and the people that don't understand the choice. 

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