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Stop the cruel treatment and circus acts towards animals

The animals are treated horrifically, captive wild animals are abused and have their teeth and claws cut back- animals such as bears,lions and tigers. Animals such as pigs and cows are also fed to lions, live, for entertainment.
They also use animals such as monkeys and bears to ride bikes and do unnatural circus acts- they terrify and abuse them, using sticks and whips to beat them with.
The other week, there was an incident where two monkeys and a bear were forced horrifically to 'race' each other on bicycles- it resulted in both of them falling over and the monkey was trapped beneath the bike while the bear mutilated it alive because it was so hungry. The Park owners then repeatedly whacked the bear across the head with sticks to stop it from eating the monkey- which eventually died.

This kind of humiliation and cruel treatment is pointless, and should not continue.

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  • Shanghai Wild Animal Park, in China

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