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Could you employ someone with these problems? if you agree i am unemployable Please sign

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My wife and I are Disabled & i was  trying very hard to stay in work. After 6 years my employer got rid of me, they removed my job & made me redundant. Since then i have been fighting them through the court system. My old employer says that i can find another job but with the problems i have i think it will be impossible. So i need to know if people agree with me. My Problems are:

Neck Pain giving me bad headaches every day.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)/ Diarrhoea. I have to stay close to a toilet & I can need the loo 5 – 20 times a day at very short notice.

Bad Depression

Anxiety (Don't go out much anymore)
fatigue (extreme tiredness)
Increased sensitivity to pain
Cant sit too long but sitting gives least pain
Cant Stand still or I get lots of Pain
Restless limbs (Sometimes I just need to get up & walk around. Not good at night.Can be up half a night at times).
Walking causes Pain In hips & knees like iv got sand in them.
Cant get down or up from floor without loads of pain.
Brain Fog (Have trouble remembering thing).
Cant concentrate for long. Brain Drifts.
In lots of Pain all day every day. Increasing from mild to severe as day goes on.

Cant sleep at night because of pain. Even though I'm exhausted witch means I can sometimes miss work because of exhaustion.

Hands shake so much I cant read my own writing.

Hand Writing gives me lots of wrist pain.

My literacy skills are not good. Spelling is not good & reading is slow.

Need hearing aids/use them when I’m not listening to audio books to distract from the pain
tinnitus (Ringing in my ears)

Cant lift heavy items & cant carry much because of the pain.

Have a bad Back. Back gives out from time to time.

Sometimes i have to take so many pain killers that they knock me out for up to 15 hours.

Please tick if you agree i am unemployable.

Thank you for your time. 


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