Single Mother's Right to Higher Education to End Poverty!

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The best solution to protect women and their children from poverty is to protect their parents from poverty. Statistics Canada reports that the number of households headed by single parents are on the rise and single parents face the highest poverty rate. Research indicates that women are more vulnerable to poverty than man. Research also highlights that child poverty is a serious ongoing issue that Canada and especially British Columbia struggle to eradicate. The length of time a child lives in poverty directly impacts their future achievements. And because most children who live in poverty come from homes headed by single mothers we want a government action plan that realistically brings single mothers out of poverty so we can end the cycle of poverty. Our research shows the most cost effective and just overall the best way to reduce poverty for children living with their single mothers is by supporting their mothers to attain higher education. And unfortunately our government has let us down by developing the Single Parent Initiative program that essentially wastes tax payers money because the program does not elevate single parents out of poverty. We demand the government use our tax payers money to invest in programs that actually protect our most vulnerable. We will not stop until our government takes action.