Help Save Our Gun Range!

Help Save Our Gun Range!

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Edward Hartshorn started this petition to Shane Farnsworth and

Save Our Gun Range

They are trying to shut down our 9-year-old Gun Range.
We are Military Veteran lead Instructors who have helped many of you (our A4F Family and the American People), your family, and friends for many years. Now we need your help! Please read, Anyone can sign our petition, and see our Letter of Appeal to the Township. You do not have to reside in the township.


  •      On Saturday, June 6th, 2020, an individual came to the church “Freedom Christian Fellowship” and “A4F Tactical” private gun range screaming in front of our group of CCW students demanding that I shut the 9-year-old church gun range down immediately. This individual also demanded that the range be moved elsewhere. The private range has existed at the church since 2011 without any problems.  
  •     This individual said we should have received a letter from the Jackson Township telling us to shut down. I replied we have not received a letter. This individual never reached out to A4F Tactical or the church with their concerns before. This person said they were scared of the people with guns. The A4F Tactical proprietor explained that they could have called or emailed. The individual became angrier and said they have complained to Grove City, the county, and state to try and shut us down, then stormed off.



  •       The range has been in existence since 2011. A4F Tactical is run by military Veterans that teach classes for Concealed Carry Handgun License (CHL/CCW) since 2014. The gun range is for law-abiding citizens (students) completing their firearms safety training to obtain their CHL/CCW. This is required by the State of Ohio. We also teach advanced courses, Field strip, and clean pistol course, and have helped teach firearms safety and respect to the underage who were caught illegally with a firearm. 
  •        Only handguns and pistols are allowed. No rifles on this range. There is a very large bulldozed back wall of dirt to stop bullets and suppress noise. Students shoot paper targets attached to wooden boards a distance of 15 feet where students stand. Extensive safety training is taught before they are placed on the firing line. There are multiple trained instructors enforcing safety rules at all times. The sheriff’s department is always notified when the firing line will be live.



  •       Two days following this visit, it was discovered that the church had received a letter from Jackson Township asking us to stop operations. The church and A4F Tactical immediately had a meeting with the Township Administrator, Shane Farnsworth, on June 11th.  An appeal was filed and A4F Tactical was given verbal permission to continue business as usual until a hearing in August.


  •        The following week a flyer was distributed, from an unknown person to the community on Rensch Road, Grove City, Ohio attempting to tarnish the church and A4F Tactical with false claims.



1.   A4F Tactical and the church were defying Jackson Township 

Although, the author of the malicious flyer is aware A4F Tactical applied for a variance as it was stated in the flyer.


2.   A4F Tactical is seeking to expand the range and destroy home values.

A4F Tactical desires to build an insulated building to cover the current range to greatly lower the noise in consideration of the neighbors. We are seeking immediate approval for our building after the approval of the variance permit that our range can stay open. Classes are only held 1-3 days per month.



On June 27th, the same individual who has demanded us to close and move our range placed a complaint call to the Deputy Sheriff. The complaint was that we were operating again and had people shooting on the range. Stated that A4F Tactical was told to stop using the range by Jackson Township immediately. The Sheriff went to the individual’s home then returned to the range to speak with us. The Deputy stated that the shooting actually didn’t sound that loud and some shots could hardly be heard. That said, A4F Tactical is still seeking to build an insulated building over the entire range.


  •       Benefits to A4F Tactical – all classes, including advanced courses, have been and will continue to be free for all residences on Rensch Road and closely surrounding neighborhoods of Rensch Road (such as Autumn Grove Community located on the corner of Rensch Rd and Demorest Rd).
  •        We are one of the only local businesses with firearms training that has always given Police officers immediate family members, Firefighters, EMT, Veterans, Real Estate agents, and School Teachers discounts.

We are Military Veterans Serving The American People.

Now, We Need Your HELP!

  • The Township said we need to have a lot of supporters for our range to contact them ASAP. So please call, anyone can sign this petition, email call, call, call. (you don't have to live in the Township). Shutting down gun ranges in our country is already happening!

Call Shane Farnsworth, Township and Zoning Administrator 

Jackson Township Office 614-991-6881 or Cell 740-506-5574


  • WATCH THE FACEBOOK LIVE HEARING IN AUGUST. WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE DATE AND TIME. We need positive comments to the board during that hearing. Date and time will be announced
  • Please respond via email to so we know we can count on your support and make sure we get any updates to you pertaining to this situation immediately.
  • Township Trustees:
    David Burris  Contact: or (614) 679-2429
    Ron McClure Contact: or (614) 902-0985
    Jim Rauck     Contact: or (614) 361-8989

Read Below our Appeal Letter that was sent to The Jackson Township Of Franklin County, Ohio.                                                           

                                           Letter of Appeal

To whom it may concern,                                                                                     

This letter comes with all respect to Jackson Township and community in response to a notice received on May 26th, 2020 concerning the private gun range located at 4614 Rensch rd. Grove City, Ohio 43123 at the Freedom Christian Fellowship Church.

The notice states that the gun range is not allowed in Jackson Township. We are submitting this letter as an appeal to the notice received from the Jackson Township. This is a private gun range that has been at this location since 2011. Over the many years, we have not received or heard complaints about our range until the last few months which was January 2020. At the time a neighbor asked if we could do something about the backstop behind the target area. We did act immediately by lowering the targets and we have now greatly increased the size of the backstop with a bulldozer. I believe we showed good faith by keeping our word and following through with the changes we discussed in our meeting. Now that we have heard some complaints about the sound, we would like to make some major changes at the gun range to lessen the sound.

This gun range is as stated a private gun range and not open to the public. The range has large farming fields on both sides and behind the range. The range is usually in use 1 to 3 days out of a month which means the range is not in use 25 days or more each month. The classes that are held at the gun range are designed to help law-abiding citizens receive their concealed carry and learn firearms safety, to better protect themselves and their families. The courses are led by NRA Certified Military Veteran Firearm Instructors. The courses taught have remained free for the local neighboring residents on Rensch Rd and the nearest neighborhood. The Instructors do care about our neighbors in the area and we have already helped teach several in our courses. The range has grown in popularity due to the professionalism expressed in all of the courses taught at the range by the Instructors.

The Instructors have taught many police officer’s families, EMT, firefighters, and

government employees. The county courts and lawyers have sent underage children, who were caught with a firearm, to take our Firearms Safety course to learn the respect and safety of firearms. We also teach the underage how to respond if another minor presents a firearm to them.

This gun range along with our range safety rules is run at the same level as military gun ranges. Our range safety rules are very controlled.

Students go through hours of classroom and hands-on training before live-fire training. Thousands of citizens have been professionally trained at this range without any major accidents. We have helped countless people who were frankly scared of firearms but for different reason felt that they needed to take our courses to learn. We have even seen students with tears on the range because of their fears of firearms and by the time we finish teaching them they have great joy because we worked so hard to help them overcome and learn safety and control of their firearms. We are military veterans serving the American people. This is our motto from the beginning and our way to give back to the people. This range is a place we veterans have where we can pass on our professionalism in training to help many people who need us.

We would like the opportunity to meet with Jackson Township to discuss changes that we have in mind to make the range more tolerable by the community. We will submit for a special permit or variance along with plans on or before July 2nd, 2020.   

Thank you,

Sincerely yours,

Edward Hartshorn II
Chief Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
12 years Honorable US Navy Seabee
Formally Naval Safety Officer / NAVOSH/ OSHA
1 (877) 365-8051  

Ed Butler (Gunny)
22 Year Retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant
RSO NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
1 (877) 365-8051





0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!