Get Shane Dawson to interview Eugenia Cooney

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After Shane Dawson has taken up the challenge of creating a docu-series on the famous YouTuber Jake Paul and Team 10.. I think it has broughten a ton of attention to his channel and to Mental Health in general. I think with YouTube being such a strong tool to utilize, Shane should take the opportunity to start a webseries focusing on YouTubers and other public figures who are deemed misunderstood by the public eye.
One YouTuber comes to my mind immediately. She has gained the attention of the internet as a whole. The Doctors have discussed her, Dr.Phil invited her to be on his show. Many other YouTubers have discussed her channel in videos.
Every one is talking about her, but there is a ton of mystery shrowding Eugenia Cooney.
So why won't she talk? Why is every one so concerned about her? What do her family and friends think about Eugenia? And most importantly, from a medical stand-point.. Is she really okay?

Shane, you have proved to us that you can handle so much. You have helped so many people doing the videos that you do. Please take my request and this petition into great consideration. I hope that Eugenia would be up for something like this. I pray something good will come from my petition. Help her, help her fans, help the world understand and bring light to such a dark mystery.

Personal story
I have been a fan of hers, and of Shane Dawson for as long as I can remember. I love YouTube and I hate bullying. As an advocate of mental health and anti-bullying. I have decided to create this petition.