Bring back The Nice Guys!

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Entertainment can be a life-saver. Especially nowadays, people suffer from more and more isolation, which leads to higher stress and anxiety.

When you come home at night, the one thing you will always look for is some kind of solace. It might come in various forms: reading, playing, keeping yourself occupied with chores. For me, it is movies. There isn't (almost) any distress that a good comedy can't cure.

The Nice Guys is truly a gem ahead of its times – and its brightness never fades. I always laugh like a baby when I watch it. And sometimes I also get emotional, because there's this softer, moving undertone in it that is usually missing in other "comedies".
This movie has helped me a lot through the years. I always reach out for it whenever I feel down, stressed, or I am going through a hard time. Some might describe it as a detective story, or an action comedy, or a slapstick comedy. To me, it is a story of love and hope. It's a story about building a family back again, finding comfort and purpose in one another, and pulling ourselves back on our feet again after life got us beaten up for a while.

I love Holland and Jackson. Gosling&Crowe (and their young daughter-on-screen Angourie Rice) brought their characters to life in the most believable and adorable way. I love their relationship, their bickering, their purity and the way they start caring about each other and relying on each other as they start to get along, and the mutual trust, affection and respect they earn at the of their marvelous, wild journey into mystery.

Detective quest aside, I think this is mostly a love story. This movie shows that there always might be a chance at not being lonely and hopeless anymore. A chance at being close and connected to someone once again.

That's it. The magic, the sparkle that made me fall in love with this movie, and that make me miss this sequel that feels so needed. It would be great, now, to see that March&Healy are still rocking together and still being an awesome team and an even more awesome family to Holly. That they have now found that love and happiness that have been missing for so long. And that everyone longs for.

I owe so much to Jackson, Holland and Holly. And to all those who wrote, produced, and directed this movie (mainly: Shane Black, Joel Silver, Anthony Bagarozzi).

To those people, to the actors and the producers and to all those who have power to make a sequel out of this, I ask to bring back The Nice Guys.

To the fans, I ask to join me and sign this petition. I get no personal profit from this, except for the pleasure of (hopefully) seeing my favourite actors and characters together once again. My idea is to bring attention on this movie so maybe the director and/or the producer can get a chance to make the sequel, or to get funds in some other way.

Let's bring back The Nice Guys!

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