Cease the wear of school uniforms in Shamokin School District

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This petition was created for us as parents to have a choice in how we dress our children while sending them to public school. To my understanding and to many more this dress code was put into place to help alleviate the financial burden, bullying and distractions. As many of us have seen with this being the 3rd year of the dress code it has not helped in anyway . Children are still bullying, parents are being called because their clothes don't meet the dress code, and as for financial burden, it has put many parents under more of a burden then ever. Our children today now need to have a school uniforms wardrobe, one for dress down days and weekends and also play clothes. How is that making things easier on parents? Our children are also allowed out of uniforms at least 40xs per year. If the school district is capable of assessing their clothes then and deciding if they are appropriate on those days then why can't they do it everyday? As for bullying, kids can see which kids have the privilege of wearing brand name clothes on these dress down days plus brand names are now making uniforms. The only people that can change this is us as parents. By signing this petition we are giving our children the opportunity to be kids again, to show that they are individual's, and to help with the burden parents have on needing to supply our kids with a large selection of clothes for all occasions. Thanks for your time in reading this.