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Help put money back on your check

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Mr. Hammond, 
In regards to our meeting last night. Our local has had a few bumpy years of no pay increase due to the state of our national pension and health and welfare . Our members are distraught over last nights vote. The majority of members who passed the construction fund leaving our members with yet again no pay increase were apprentice. This will freeze our members pay for the next fifteen months while our apprentice see pay increases every six months . The body of our local, feel that Gary Shinkle has used his position as apprenticeship coordinator to influence the apprentice and push his own agenda as evident in the screen shots I've enclosed. These same brothers and sisters were told they could no longer use class time for our meetings yet last night Gary spent over an hour in class with them and then escorted them up to our meeting to vote . It is the bodies hope that there will be an investigation and Mr. Shinkle brought up on charges for misconduct. What he did was a conflict of interest and effected our members pockets and caused a divide though the Cincinnati area . If these allegations are found to be true we would ask that the results of last nights vote be thrown out and a call to re-vote be sent out .
We appreciate any assistance on this issue .

(The above email was sent to Scott Hammond, if you agree, please sign this petition to let him know) 


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