Please help this mother. She has not talked or seen her kids in 100 days.

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Please view and share this with everyone you know and if you have a heart of mercy and compassion; please sign the petition. A mother was stripped from all rights and privilege's of seeing her kids and grandkids. It has been more than 100 days since she has last talked to or seen her kids. It has affected her whole family. She unable to see her kids and her grandkids. Her reputation was destroyed, her business/organization has lost it's funding all based off of allegations of Child Abuse. What happened to you are presumed innocent until proven guilty? Calvetta has been a major help to the community. She has helped the families of slain victims raise money for funeral cost. She has advocated in our community to try and stop the gun violence. she has also come out of her own pocket to assist the community during holidays by hosting Halloween parties, Easter Egg Hunts, and back to school bashes. She has a heart of Gold. She would not harm a soul. She loves children. Calvetta is the kind of person that would give you the shirt off of her back to make sure you are okay. I am asking for you to share this petition in hopes that the courts will grant her rights to see her kids and her grandkids. She has not been proven guilty of any crime, so why is she being treated as a criminal.