Condemn NZ's involvement with biased UNSC resolution 2334 against Israel

It is correct that NZ has no right to side against a democratic nation and interfere with peace negotiations. We have no right to forcibly take land from a certain people and give it to another, especially when those people have no claim to that land, which is what will happen if the Palestinians have their way. Funny, isn't it that they don't want land from the vast Arab nations so what it really means is that they want the Jews OUT - it's nothing to do with any emotional attachment to the land. Now we have endless trouble and violence at our door because they are out of control and filled with rage and hate, for no good reason except that they want Israel and they want every Jew dead. The latter makes me even more determined against them. Why is it focussing on Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East and therefore at one with New Zealand and all other democratic nations?
Much is heard about the ‘plight of the Palestinians’ but there has never been a country of Palestine or a people of that name. It was once an autonomous entity ruled alternately by Rome, Islamic and Christian crusaders, the Ottoman Empire and the British. But Jewish historical association with the land of Israel can be traced over four thousand years. Was Palestine ever recognized as an entity by another country? If so what was its language? What was its religion? What was its currency? What caused its demise? These questions will not be answered merely because they upset the thinking and determination of those wishing to destroy Israel for no other reason that it is the land of the Jews that God gave to Abraham about 4000 years ago, which became the home destined for the Jews - Abraham's descendants from his son Isaac. The main trouble is that the Muslims are also descended from Abraham through Abraham's concubine Hagar but Jewish law says that a concubine's offspring can not inherit although she is looked after in other ways. Thus Hagar is the progenitor of the Arabs/Muslims. Perhaps their angst against Israel regarding what happened so long ago is the cause of their rage today. Quite possibly so I think.

Lynette Gautier, Auckland, New Zealand
4 years ago
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