Revert steep fee hike at The Cambridge International School (TCIS), Haralur, Bangalore

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We the parents of The Cambridge International School (TCIS), Harlur Road – Bangalore, are concerned and troubled by the unfair fee hike by School Management every year.  There has been steep increase of 10% on an average i.e. approx.₹ 20k - 35K per annum, per child over the last 2 years on all components including tuition, annual, transport etc. which is huge for middle class and as per the standards maintained by the school.

According to Karnataka education Act (No. ED 317 PGC 2012, Bengaluru, Dated: 18.5.2018), School should disclose the fee for the next academic year by 31st Dec of the previous year.

However for 2018-19 and 2019-20, we were informed about new fee structure, in February. And Since all other school admissions are closed by this time, parents are left with no option.

In our efforts to engage with school, during the month of March & April, multiple emails were sent & signed petition by 160+ parents, was submitted to the school principal with request for meeting with Chairman/CFO of the Cambridge school group & reversal of steep hike. Subsequently meetings were also held with TCIS principal, however in spite of repeated requests school has not provided justification for fee hike and/or consider fee reversal.

It is becoming difficult for parents to bear this unregulated fee hike every year specially when the fee charged by the school are already on a higher side as compared to other schools of same standard. We request school management to kindly consider the matter and revoke the complete hike.

The question being raised here is simple and fundamental. Can private schools treat education as a commodity business? Do parents not deserve sharing their opinion and have a say in where the fees is going in comparison to the facilities provided?

In view of the above mentioned government policy, we request the Education Minister of Karnataka, government authorities and school management to look into this matter on high priority.