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Change your rain policy + honor the tickets of dedicated NYC theater goers

Yesterday morning, hundreds of people waited hours upon hours in the blazing sun for tickets to see Into The Woods, a Shakespeare in the Park production, being put on by The Public Theater ( in New York City's Central Park. Due to a massive rain storm last night, all ticket holders were told to go home and were also told that their tickets were no longer being honored as valid.

Just because you have *a* policy does not mean that you have the *right* policy. The Public Theater must do the honorable thing and allow the patrons who missed last night’s performance an opportunity to use their tickets at an upcoming performance of Into The Woods.

 This is stage art and hardworking, passionate people spent hours in line for these tickets, which they earned. They are now back at work and cannot afford a day off to wait again when they spent a whole day of their weekend in line for these tickets. Do the right thing. Honor the rights of NYC theater-goers and be a true theater for the public. Update your policy now.

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  • Shakespeare in the Park/The Public Theater

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