An Open Letter To Shahrukh Khan To Speakup against the Violence On the students'

An Open Letter To Shahrukh Khan To Speakup against the Violence On the students'

7 January 2020
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Started by Shariq Hussain

Open letter to King Khan, Mr Shahrukh Khan

As millennials, the most cherished thing for us is our identity, freedom and patriotism. All, being essential components of our Constitution. Without the constitution and points dealt in it idea of our nation stands hollow and the sacrifice of lives behind the Independence would have gone in vain.

Keeping this in view the students across India have stood up and voiced their dissent towards the draconian law which goes out of sync with the constitution violating Article 114 and mocking the essence of Article 15.

While talking of Article 15, entertainment sector comes into my mind. Growing up, our generation has always drawn inspiration from a self-made man like you who had the audacity to change the dynamics of an industry which was functioning on the fuel of Nepotism. King Khan your title has been earned by your sheer hard work and determination and you very well deserve it, though I believe some titles are hard to be kept or manage and It seems you are having a tough time managing the weight of the title
which the citizens of India have bestowed upon you with love and affection in a span of two decades.

Almost fours year ago, a viral video made a huge impact on us where a boy from Jamia was being honered with a Phd. His speech garnished with struggles and humility taught us the spirit of hard work and discipline. The speech hinted on the faith you practice and how staunch you are on your principles yet dependant on the unseen. In the past two decades you have grown from a meagre entertainer to a teacher, the roles you have played have not only impacted the lives of youngsters rather the roles have taught us the true spirit of Individuality and patriotism.
Coach Kabir Khan in Chak De India, who had to face humiliation for his sportsmanship fought back to prove his patriotism, graciously done by you. My question to you is was it necessary to prove patriotism?
Rizwan Khan in My Name is Khan had to face identity crisis and Mr Khan you changed the notion of a name being associated to a label, My question is are you aware of your Potential?
In Swades, Mohan Bhargava a character played by you brought light in the lives of the villagers. Today, when the students of the country and your Alma Mater are being thrown in tunnels of darknes, isn't your responsibility to bring light in their lives?

In an AIB interview, I observed your house Mannat has a asset which is in the form of a book on the Prophet which owing to your academic inclination makes me assume you must have flipped the pages, drawing inspiration from the life of a leader while sitting at a position where you can influence lives and voice the pain and fear of the masses. My question to you is, wether you refer to lives of previous leaders for sustaining your position, meagre marketing gimmick or your academic hunger demanded something substantial which definitely is not reflecting in the hours of distress?

Abram, the name of your younger son indicates your secular nature. Though, it was a matter of controversy in the past. With inching of times and your personality evolving it won't be difficult to believe you have been a man endorsing secularism and limiting faith to Individuality. Aryan, Suhana and Gauri , your family definitely have faced numerous dangers whenever you spoke up for the right cause as a father your silence is the right thing, we the youngsters acknowledge it as rational minds but what bothers us is the future of Abram. We are similar in age as to Suhana and Aryan and my question to you is when they voice their dissenting opinion and get thrashed by authorities, wouldn't your heart pain or you would ask them to keep silent compromising with your nature of respecting Individuality?

King Khan, your title is enough to say what power you posses. In a survey, India has been recognised as the country of Shahrukh Khan. Country Premiers have come to India with the objective to shake a leg with you and you have been commemorated with honours extraordinary honours from numerous countries. Your global appeal has been misused by politicians for framing policies and forming allies in International Politics hence they had curved down you voice, now when is the need your valuable voice is reclining on the comfortable sofa scared of the fascist forces. My question is, will your younger son be happy in the future when he would learn his father had the power and voice to change the course of his future and the thousand students being thrashed in respectable institutions?

Your philanthropic ventures have been highly appreciated by the global fraternity, whereas you have been witnessed stating your nature was shaped by your mother and your Freedom Fighting father.Your LLM father, a successful failure as described by you has had the marks of his footprints in the freedom of our beloved nation, My question is, wouldn't his soul peeping from the balcony above be saddened by your silence when the students are crying to keep the identities entact and struggle for the country which your father helped in shaping, or bragging of him being a freedom fighter was a step to gain public sympathy?

Mr Khan, with great titles come great responsibilities. Kings work for their nation, for the masses and it's high time for you to prove whether you are a King in literal senses or have limited yourself to linguistics and taste of being on the top of table would not be easy for you to dissociate with?

Loads of Pity

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