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To check promotion of vulgarity, alcoholism, violence, abusive words in Punjabi Songs.

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Punjab is known for its high spirits and liveliness which its people have inherited from its culture. It's folk dances Gidha and Bhangra are well known world widely for visualizing a simplicity of Punjabi life and for demonstrating the innocent ambitions of Punjabi people. But now'a days contemporary Punjabi singers like Diljit, Honey Singh, Badshah, Jezzy B, Gippy Grewal, Preet Harpal and all other contemporary singers have begun a trend of vulgarity in Punjabi songs. Alcohol, affairs, violence, abusive language are some key topics pervasively prevalent in the songs. Girls are targeted every time for deceiving in love relationships which result into further fights and murders too. Boys on the other hand are demonstrated as good for nothing and eve teasing, consuming drugs, entangling into fights are the only tasks they have to do.

  Racism is another serious issue raised in the songs. Jatt ( a higher caste, General in hierarchy) culture is most prevalent in the songs and they are depicted as biggest fighters, largest alcohol consuming community and egoistic people. This is very serious issue because Jatt community belongs to agrarian sector and they are revered as " Ann Data" , one who provides grains (food) but on the other hand their negative image is being showcased in the songs as of elite class people who don't care for society and its norms. Use of arms and ammunition by them is quiet common in the songs.

   According to the various researches, it has been proved that people who watch violence on large scale are prone to violent idiosyncrasies. 'Mean  World Syndrome' a term coined by George Gerbner describes that as much as viewers watch violence related content on mass media, they begin to believe the world as dangerous place to live and this results into transformation of their behavior from normal to violent. And this is proved as truth because Punjabi guys are highly influenced by the style and trend used by singers and they use to pass vulgar comments on girls and likely to indulge in fights on trivial issues. Thus, Punjabi songs are largely contributing in aggravating the problem. 

Relationships like Mother-Son, brother-sister, husband-wife, children-parents are disregarded in the songs completely. The only relationship which is alive in the songs is of Girlfriend and boyfriend. Upon this majority of songs demonstrate girls as the biggest cheaters. Reinforcement of stereotypes is also prevalent in the songs. Girls in short dresses are depicted as Sex objects and likely to appeal sexually male viewers. Media being the fourth pillar of state should understand its duty and should be responsible for the content being showed to common people.

I request both the Ministers to please consider this petition and take necessary actions against the singers in the form of banning their CDs from market and removing their links of songs from internet especially of those which constitute promotion of violence, drugs and abusive lyrics. The coming ones should be warned before hand.

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