#Justice for ShopClues employees - Fired without any prior notice from the company

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ShopClues has sacked about 200 people as its effort to find a new buyer failed.

Priyanka Sahay from senior management announced that ShopClues will keep 70-80 employees only and rest will be fired in few upcoming days.

There have been speculations that with the discussion failing to materialize, ShopClues - which had nearly 500 employees is forcing their employees to downsize rapidly to stay afloat.

The senior management had sent emails to a group of 100 people on 18th July 2019, asking them to assemble for an important announcement.

According to the employees working there from 3-4 years, for the first time, they were told that company was letting go of people for "Strictly business" reasons.

"We have been an employee first company and have ensured that impacted employees, if any, are out placed proactively" ShopClues added.

Shopclues had put many employees into trouble without giving them any prior notice about the downsize.

Fired employees had demanded for extra two month salary to lookout their desired jobs, without any financial worries. However, the request was clearly denied by the senior management.

Now, the HR management of ShopClues is also not responding to the employee's concern clearly.

Source : Fired employees of ShopClues.com