Provide Personal Protection Kits (PPE) to health,public sector,essential service providers

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#SaveTheSaviours #ProtectTheProtectors

Govt. should provide adequate number of high-quality Personal Protection Kits (PPE) to health workers, public sector employees and all ‘essential’ service providers who are risking their lives for us during our fight against Coronavirus.

Amidst the upheaval caused by the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19 / Coronavirus, steps are being taken to contain it and protect lives which include social distancing, use of face masks and sanitizers, work from home facility, lock downs and curfews etc. All this is laudable and needs to be supported and adhered to so that we ensure that we are doing our best to defeat Coronavirus.

However, at the same time, spare a thought for those who are risking their lives to either save ours such as doctors, nurses and paramedics. Also, think about those who are working even in such hazardous circumstances  including people working in public sector, banks and other entities covered in the ‘essential services’ list, to ensure that the public infrastructure does not crash and basic amenities are available to general public.

The government should do all it can to at least sufficiently arm them with critical tools like high-quality Personal Protection Kits (PPE)  which can help them stay comparatively safer while rendering their services for the greater public welfare.

#SaveTheSaviours #ProtectTheProtectors