Restoration of Old Pension Scheme (OPS)

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Hon'ble sir

We, the citizens of India, believed that BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY (BJP) Government is always at the forefront in protecting social and economic security of every citizen.

After 73 years of independence, today citizens of our country feel social and economic insecurity for their families and future of next generation.

PPP (Public- Private Partnership Modal)

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

Increased pace of growth in infrastructure but on the other hand increased economic insecurity and feeling of stress in minds of every citizen by shrinking scope of services from government sector in country.

All government employees, appointed after 2004 under National Pension Scheme (NPS), feel social insecurity for their families and the age after retirement as amount of pension is very meager in comparison to old pension scheme. Pension system before 2004 was much more secure for family and employee after retirement. Lakhs of government employees have already sent you digital rakhi on occasion of RAKSHA BANDHAN and requested to restore old pension system underNATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR OLD PENSION SCHEME from all over country through social media.

We, all government employees of India under NPS system, humbly request to your goodself to restore old pension system. All citizens and government employees under NPS believed that only BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY (BJP) Government is able to take historic step to restore old pension scheme and provide economic security to citizens of country. 


Ashwani sharma

Mohd. Ashraf

Founder members,

All Jammu and Kashmir NPS Employees United front