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Ban false & misleading content by paid media against HH Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami

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Written apology to H.H. Sri Paramhamsa Nithyananda Swamiji by Republic, News Minute, Hindustan Times and Suvarna TV for publishing content with misleading & false allegations of rape and sex contract.

Hindustan Times, Republich channel, Suvarna TV have published and broadcasted misleading content against Swamiji since August 26, 2017. On Monday, August 28, 7.04 pm, News minute has published an article with false allegations talking about a sex contract devotees have to sign which is entirely false as if such thing would exist, they would have shown the copy too.

These are the paid media channels essentially funded to destroy Sanatana Hindu Dharma. They should respectfully apologise to Sri Paramhamsa Nithyananda Swamiji and the whole Nithyananda Sangha with a written apology.

In the history of mankind, in all countries put together this is the only case of rape where there was no victim mentioned.
2 March 2010, a morphed video surfaced, which showed 2 adults
29 March 2010, police spend extravagantly on advertisement to find a suitable rape victim.…/nityanand-probe-cid-asks-victim…/
21 April 2010, Swami Nithyananda was arrested for rape without victim.
August 2010, Conspirators were in trouble as they could not find someone to pose as rape victim. The arrest could not be substantiated. The case was collapsing.
17 August 2010, Someone came forward as a "witness" (rape victim).
6 August 2014 "AR" fined Rs. 3 crore
2015 "False victim" diluted her statement, withdrew rape claim.
2017 "False victim" and other conspirators being tried in court.
2017 "False victim" continues to say not raped in court and raped on TV camera, which one to believe?

#2  Rs. 3 crore that is $ 1/2 million fine on false rape victim

The case is already closed, in US. The person who posed as rape victim has been fined $ 1/2 million.
On 6 August 2014 the United States District Court Southern District of Ohio issued a judgment against Mrs. Aarthi S. Rao (the person who posed as a rape victim) and in favor of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of Columbus in Delaware, Ohio (NDC) (Case No. 2:13-CV-00526) fining her nearly half a million dollar for false public statements.

#3 The video was morphed. Please see below to understand the technicalities

16 March 2012 Reports by 4 independent U.S. based forensic experts who are often employed by FBI, was submitted to CID. All of them reported the video to be morphed.
Edward Joe, said "the video is not genuine and authentic. It is not a representation of facts and events as they occurred. Furthermore, the video appears to be layered and not a composite video. As a video forensic expert, I recommend that this video be excluded from any factual relevance to the events that appear to be happening”.

Other three experts David Notowitz, Joe Yonowitz, Bryan Neumeister also had similar conclusions


Why Swamiji is most targetted?

Swami Nithyananda is bringing back the glory of Hinduism. He was honored with the title of Mahamandaleshwar of Maha Nirvani Peeth during the 2013 Maha Kumbh.

1. Gurukul : Raising children as Gods

     a) Super human powers and possibilities
     Just see his kids, how they demonstrate extraordinary yogic powers, like blind   fold reading, x-ray vision, remote vision, scanning organs inside body, reading thoughts and emotions of people. Blind fold reading power has now become a fully 100% reproducible science.
You know there are public demonstrations done. It is not like a stage demonstration. It is one to one demonstration. You can do all checks you want, just as long as you don't get violent and try to kidnap the kid :P So you can easily go and see for yourself the demonstration of extraordinary powers.

   b) Academically brilliant
Many of these gurukul kids give 10th board examination at the age of 10 years, which means they are 4-5 years ahead academically. They are initiated into ‘eksantagrahi’ means whatever they hear once they will be able to repeat it verbatim. These kids are not being grown as clerks to pass exams and get a job. They are being raised as next generation role models in every field. You can see teenager gurukul balasants taking meditation classes for adults of all age!

  c) Spiritual and emotional intelligence - connecting with nature
These kids have so much completion within them, that when they talk with their rose plants and ask them to shed its thorns it does that. They connect with nature with their spiritual intelligence of Advaita, and their emotional intelligence of having innocence and completion. You will see fully vegetarian cats that are pets in the ashram. Pet squirrels that bow down to the deity of Kalabhairava.

2) Spiritual legitimacy to Hinduism
We read stories in Mahabharata, how Sanjay expressed the power of distant vision and explained all that was happening in the war, being far far away from the war. This power is real and is demonstrated by gurukul balasants/kids of Swami Nithyananda. So you practically see that what you read in the scriptures are real. Swami Nithyananda will demonstrate 400 powers as per scriptures, himself, and through his disciples and provide spiritual legitimacy to Hinduism. Swami Nithyananda already expressed and scientifically demonstrated 60 powers.

3) Creation of World’s largest authentic Vedic Hindu library

4) Meditation and de-addiction camps worldwide: Over 2 million people impacted to date

5) Anna Daan: free food program: 10,000 nutritious meals distributed every week through all the ashram anna mandirs for visitors, devotees and disciples thus improving health standards. More than a million people fed in kumbh mela alone.

6) Medical Camps: Free treatment and therapies in allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, acupuncture, eye check-ups, eye surgeries, artificial limb donation camps, gynecology and more. Mobile medical vans offering monthly check-up, free consultation and free medicines among the urban and rural poor.

7) Support to children in rural areas: School buildings, school uniforms and educational materials provided free to rural schools.

8) Nithyananda Vidyalaya: Enlightenment based education, combining the ancient vedic system of learning with the modern technology, helping children to flower without repression, fear or peer pressure

9) Nithya Yoga: A revolutionary system of yoga in the lines of Madadeva’s Agamas (which predates Patanjali by 10,000 years) original teachings, taught worldwide.

10) Corporate Meditation Programs: Specially designed and conducted in corporate firms worldwide including Microsoft, AT&T, Qualcomm, JP Morgan, Petrobras, Pepsi, Oracle, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) – with focus on intuitive management, leadership skills and team-work.

11) Meditation Programs in prisons: Conducted in prisons and juvenile camps to reform extremist attitudes – resulting in amazing transformation among the inmates

12) Women’s Empowerment (WE): A dynamic group of women with the common ideology of living enlightenment, serving society at the physical, mental and spiritual levels
13) Nithya Dheera Seva Sena: Through transformation of self, this volunteer force of Ananda Sevaks trains and functions in the service of humanity, also serving as relief wing working towards disaster recovery management.

14) Over 300 teachers trained to teach: transformational meditation programs, Quantum Memory Program, Nithya Yoga, Health and Healing Programs, and more

15) Nithyananda Publishers: Over 300 books of Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s discourses transcribed, edited and published in 26 languages and made available in stores through books, DVDs and CDs.

16) Free Discourses on YouTube: Over 10000 hours of free discourses on YouTube. Ranked top in viewership

17) Nithyananda Vedic Temples and Ashrams: Over 30 Vedic temples and ashrams worldwide.

18) Promotion of Vedic Culture and Tradition: The ashrams, temples and centers of the mission worldwide actively raise awareness of the Indian culture and tradition and are seats of learning for multi-facets of this rich culture. Reviving vedic traditions, arts, temple building.

19) Nithyananda International Youth Foundation (NIYF): A collection of inspired youth, building a divine and dynamic society with a common ideology of peace and enlightenment

20) The Nithyananda Order and its training: Spiritual aspirants ordained as Sannyasis, Brahmacharis and Brahmacharinis and Vanaprasthis, who undergo years of intensive training in yoga, meditation, deep spiritual practice, Sanskrit, vedic chanting, life skills, and who run the 100% volunteer based ashrams of Nithyananda organization worldwide, working in all Mission activities

21) Life Bliss Technology: A free two year/three month program for youth teaching Life Engineering and the science of enlightenment

22) Nithyananda Meditation Centers: Worldwide, offering meditation and healing services

23) Media: Articles in national and international newspapers and magazines, carrying transforming messages from Nithyananda

24) Support to scientists and researchers: Continually bridging gaps between science and spirituality through researches on spiritual energy and healing.

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