Remove Durg Singh Rajpurohit From First India News Channel

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Rajasthan is a state having comparatively high level of Social Harmony among various castes & groups but recently First India News District Bureau Chief Barmer Durg Singh Rajourohit has made very distasteful slurs & very insulting statements targeting a particular caste group Charan, in his Facebook post which he later deleted, addressed the whole Charan community as चाटुकार, चापलूस, & made an indirect vulgar comparison with Brahmins. 

Journalism is synonymous to truth & its prime objective is to bring positive social change in the overall society through means of positive communication, it is not limited to just feeding people with factual information of events happening around. 

But such journalists are not only a blot on the name of Journalism the fourth pillar of our democracy but also a black spot on the brand of First India News Channel itself, because as long as such people are hired by your channel, indirectly it gives a message to the society that your channel supports caste based supremacy & bigotry. 

Therefore the management of First India News is requested to

1.come up with a public apology & official clarification against the act done by their district bureau chief of Barmer Durg Singh Rajpurohit. 

2. First India News Disassociate with Durg Singh Rajpurohit by terminating his contract with the channel, for disturbing social harmony and spreading hate & bigotry in society. 

Thank You

We The People of India