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Show us the pen.

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Tommy Le was fatally shot on June 13th, 2017 by a King County Sheriff's Department Deputy. Initial reports state that Le was holding a sharp object that appeared to be a knife. Even after receiving information contrary of that report, it wasn't until two weeks later that the initial report was updated that Le was in fact, carrying a pen at his time of death. 

In a time where police related deaths are at an all time high, transparency is absolutely critical to public relations. King County's Sheriff's Department has offered none and instead wish to sweep this incident under the rug. 

With no cameras and one dead body, only one side of the story is evidenced here. Please sign the petition for King County's Sheriff's Department to release a photo of the pen that was mistaken for a knife to clear up the confusion as to the circumstances where one young man with no criminal history was shot and killed. 

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