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Cop/Police should stop hurting people physically or mentally!

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Our Law Security system need to change a lot! 

I really appreciate the way our Police work to protect our Law! They will take very less time to track down a bad person or group!

But during that process they are lot more innocents are getting effected in the name of inquiry. You know how cops will inquire!!! 

as an example... after 8 years, judgement from High Court is that there is no connection between Ayesha(she is raped & murdered by someone) and Sathyam babu (bad cops created that he is the one who raped and murdered Ayesha and sent him to jail for 8 years) so release him from Jail right away, after release from jail... Sathyam babu is unable to walk at all!! I understand how bad cops has treated him! Now whether Sathyam babu need feel happy that he released or he need feel bad about his physical condition?

my point here is so simple 'we should have strict rule that no cop should hit any one!' if sometimes things go wrong at-lest persons physical condition must be the same ... so that he can re-start is life normally again! 

Cop/Police should stop hurting people physically or mentally!

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