Demanding International Women's Day To Be Celebrated within SFUSD

Demanding International Women's Day To Be Celebrated within SFUSD

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Started by KAREN CHAU

The Problem:
Girls in SFUSD feel ignored. Just like the walkouts with sexual assault, we want to be heard.

Why this needs to be changed:
International Women’s day is celebrated all over the world in 27 countries like China, Russia, Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba etc. It’s celebrated on March 8th to recognize women achievements, raise awareness of women equality, and acknowledge the challenges women face. However, the US does not celebrate this holiday. As a progressive and modernized 1st world country, this is a problem. All the holidays currently being celebrated are either commemorating men or religion. There should be a day for empowering women who’ve left their mark in history as well. Women have made continuous efforts in overcoming societal expectations. There have been constant battles of gender equality, voting rights, labor discrimination, reproductive rights and much more.

We want SFUSD to have a holiday dedicated to International Women’s day. Students should have a day off on March 8th to celebrate all women. By having a day off, female students feel like they matter. It would be a time for everyone to reflect on women’s achievements and accomplishments that often are overlooked and unappreciated. The importance of International Women’s Day is to advocate for women's equality and rights from all over the world. We want to support all women: all ages, class, race, ability, religion, occupation, and other factors of their identity.



91 have signed. Let’s get to 100!