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The San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe Council  thanks you for your interest in saving the San Francisco Bay Area from a regional  “Complex Wildfire” calamity. 

THE REAL STORY : The Bay Area’s entire economic survival depends solely on securing and protecting the “Hetch Hetchy Water System.”   When this inevitable Complex Wildfire disaster strikes, it will  destroy our citizen’s access to the water held in our watersheds in San Mateo County and the East Bay.

Within San Mateo County, 40,500 homes are classified as high to extreme risk for complex wildfire damage. This extreme risk also extends to the Peninsula’s Crystal Spring reservoirs and water supply system. A catastrophic wildfire will cause irreversible damage to our reservoirs, silt and shut down its delivery system, destroy our homes, economy and deeply impact our way of life for decades to come.

“Help Save Our San Francisco Peninsula Watershed" from tragedy and Save Bay Area residents tens of billions of dollars.

  • By signing this petition, you are supporting the SF Peninsula's Fire Safe Council proposal to form a Public / Private Partnership with SFPUC that will fund the fuel management services needed to prepare and protect our watersheds in perpetuity to  prevent catastrophic complex wildfires.

THE REAL PROBLEM : The Lack of Will by Leadership, Not Money.
In an affluent region where billions of dollars are collected annually by the government, there is a predisposition to assign fire prevention and suppression to a poor cousin long before other infrastructure and services needs are met. The figures speak for themselves.

In an affluent region where billions of dollars from around the world enter the economy every week, why is there no “white knight” amongst the technology giants and captains that has stepped forward to address this shortfall? Aside from having all the money in the world but no will to use it, just how do we finance such an important public work? 

In 1994, the San Francisco Water Department published the San Francisco Watershed Management Plans Department Public Opinion Survey Report (POSR). Their Executive Summary answers the question:
“What watershed management goals are most important to the public?”

Their Executive Summary found:
Water users determined that the greatest role for the SFPUC was to “limit access to the watershed”, and "restrict human degradation of the reservoirs" and that SFPUC is to act as chief authority in securing this resource. This is a tried and true historical measure for protecting watersheds meant for large human populations. Golden Gate National Recreation Area, situated in and around San Francisco including the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed, is the most visited park in the National Park Service, hosting more than 15 million visitors in 2019.

THE REAL BLAME : While it’s easy to point at the hundreds of fires along the west coast and blame it on climate change, 90 percent of wildfires are in fact CAUSED BY HUMANS according to Catastrophes Facts + Statistics: Wildfires 2020 Report.  In the 20 years since 9/11/2001, the  incidence of terrorism threats have not relented. Our water supply system is vulnerable to attack and an easy target. September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, Save Our Bay aka California Watershed Posse, has monitored the STOPPP’S Pollution Control Efforts in San Mateo County and Eco-terrorism impacting the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed.

THE REAL OPPORTUNITY :  Millions of people with unfettered access to these areas, combined with  the absence  of fuel management, poses a near insurmountable threat. How much in higher water bills would the public be willing to pay for greater watershed protection and fire prevention?

In the 1994 POSR, 55% of the water users reported a willingness to pay $1 per month or more in order to secure the SFPUC watersheds on either side of San Francisco Bay. In today's terms, with updated advancements in fuel management technologies, we can make this goal attainable for $10. per month.

  • By signing this petition, you are supporting the SF Peninsula's Fire Safe Council proposal to form a Public / Private Partnership with SFPUC that will fund the fuel management services needed to prepare and protect our watershed in perpetuity  to  prevent catastrophic complex wildfires.
  •  We invite 2.7 million Bay Area water users to accomplish this goal together and prevent the inevitable San Francisco Peninsula Watershed Perfect Fire Storm.

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