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Petitioning Chief Commissioner-Covasna County - Romania - Police Dr. Ion POPA and 13 others

Sfantu Gheorghe - Romania -Town Hall, Police, ANSVSA, : STOP the mass killing of stray dogs and cats in Sfantul Gheorghe - Romania

We are OUTRAGED by the decision of local authorities from Sfantu Gheorghe - Covasna Couny - to KILL all stray dogs and cats in town, based on the fact that a fox with "rabies" has been discovered.
It is appalling to find out that the norms and laws in FORCE in Romania, are continuously BROKEN by the very authorities which are supposed to apply them.
For a very long time, Romania has gained a horrible image in the entire world, because the despicable treatment of animals.
We consider this decision - TO KILL ALL STRAY ANIMALS in Sfantu Gheorghe - OUTRAGEOUS- BARBARIC - and - DESPICABLE and we will also inform the EU about the fact that there are animals with "rabies", that you decide to order a real MASSACRE and that local authorities decided to break the laws.
It is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS to make the local Police to run after the animals, to shoot them with tranquilizers, to harass people...
It has come to our attention that the substances to be used to catch and KILL these animals have been bought from the Veterinarian KONDOR, whose wife works as a City Councilor...
Please, reverse this horrible intention and make sure that all the laws and norms regarding the issues of rabies are applied and NO ANIMAL WILL BE KILLED from now on.

Sources :
FB EVENT : Shame on you Sfantul Gheorghe -
"Animal lovers protest against the decision to kill all stray dogs and cats "
Qarantine against rabies : all stray dogs and cats will be killed...


This petition was delivered to:
  • Chief Commissioner-Covasna County - Romania - Police
    Dr. Ion POPA
  • Deputy Mayor Sfantu Gheorghe - Covasna County Romania
    Mrs. Eva Sztakics
  • Mayor - Sfantu Gheorghe - Covasna County Romania
    Mr. Antal Arpad Andras
  • Sfantul Gheorghe Town Hall Councilor
    Mrs Kondor Agota
  • Romanian Association of Municipalities
    Mr. Tudor Pendiuc
  • Romanian Police
    Mr. Dumitru Parvu
  • President Romanian Authority for Tourism
    Mr.Răzvan Filipescu
  • Romania Tourism Office
    Razvan Filipescu
  • Media Covasna County : Observatorul
  • ANSVSA Romania
    Mr. Manastereanu
  • Covasna County Council
    Mr.TAMÁS Sándor
  • Covasna County Prefect Office
    Mr. Dumitru Marinescu
  • DIrector - DVS Covasna County Romania
    Dr. Siko Barabasi Sandor
  • Deputy Mayor Sfantu Gheorghe- Covasna County - Romania
    Mr. Tischler Ferenc -

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