Wheel in the Park - limit extension to one year

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Dear Commissioners,
I am opposed to the Observation Wheel staying in Golden Gate Park.   The  SkyStar Wheel goes against the historic character of the Music Concourse, an official City landmark.  One more year – with no further extensions -  is the maximum that the Wheel should remain in the park.  In addition, the generator and all the lights must shut off at sunset.

The stated mission of the Recreation and Park Department includes, ”. . . to preserve the environment for the well-being of everyone in our diverse community.”  The Observation Wheel diminishes habitat and biodiversity.  For 150 years Golden Gate Park has been a refuge for wildlife; the Wheel negatively impacts the birds and other wildlife in the Park. 

Our beautiful Golden Gate Park should not be turned into an amusement park.  Please remove this Wheel permanently from the Music Concourse and Golden Gate Park.