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SF Chronicle Needs to Issue Public Correction and Apology to Richard Falk.

The San Francisco Chronicle should not be publishing lies and slander.

Letter to
Editorial Page Editor John Diaz
Columnist Joel Brinkley
This letter references the following editorials:
(Note: Editorial is no longer available for open viewing at SF Chron. The syndicated column can be seen at Chicago Tribune. This is the SAME article that was run in the SF Chron and that we are criticizing.)



Dear Mr Diaz -

Most weeks we read Joel Brinkley's "Insight" editorial and shake our heads at his bias, distortions and untruths.

However, his April 30 personal attack and slander of Richard Falk demands a response. Brinkley's statement that Falk "wrote that victims of the Boston Marathon bombing had it coming" is false and irresponsible.

Obviously Brinkley does not like Falk's criticism of US and Israeli government policies. But that does not give him license to distort what Falk says. Falk began his blog/editorial by referring to the Boston bombing as 'horrific'. Nowhere is there the slightest indication that the victims "had it coming" in Brinkley's words. In an environment of high emotion where there are many volatile individuals with easy access to weapons, this kind of personal attack is highly irresponsible.

We call on the SF Chronicle and Mr Brinkley to issue a public apology and correction.

Biased editorials are one thing. Irresponsible lies and slander are another.

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