Require all SF Middle and High Schools to offer a LGBTQ Studies Class

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The FAIR Education Act  (SB 48) signed into law in 2011, mandated that California K-12 schools included representation of LGBTQ people in their social studies and history lesson plan; however, SFUSD has been slow to implement this bill and a vast majority of San Francisco students have continued to receive no education in LGBTQ topics. There is already a curriculum available for an LGBTQ studies course in SF public schools, but it is being taught in only 3 of 35 middle and high schools. There would be many advantages of offering this curriculum to all students. It is during their middle and high school years that the majority of LGBTQ youth begin to question their sexuality and/or gender identity and would therefore benefit from taking a class that could answer any questions they had. In addition, in the SF Examiner article by Michael Barba, surveys showed that there was a measurable drop in bullying and slurs at the high schools where this LGBTQ class was offered. Due to these outcomes, we would like your support in signing this petition to convince SF Commissioner Mark Sanchez and the Board of Education to require all SFUSD middle and high schools to offer a LGBTQ studies course to provide support to LGBTQ students, aid in their process of self discovery, and educate straight and cisgender students so they can become good allies through awareness of LGBTQ issues. 

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