Give sexual assault survivors better support at university

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Dear all, I'd first like to thank you all for your support. The petition has almost hit 3,000 signatures and is gaining real traction. I wrote for Blueprint magazine about the petition and am continuing to spread the word through articles online ( Excitingly, Cambridge University has responded to the petition saying this: “If a student has suffered any grave circumstance that has impacted upon their examinations, including harassment or sexual assault, then they can apply for an examination allowance… The University’s guidance… does not explicitly list sexual assault or rape. This guidance is regularly reviewed and in the next review, consideration will be given to including a larger number of examples, including examples relating to students who have been a victim of a serious crime.” I also contacted Judy Clements while she was Chief Executive of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA). She stressed that the OIA recognises the seriousness of sexual assault and the importance of proper support for those who experience it, and that they welcome the work that is being done in the HE sector to address this issue. I will be following up with her successor and the rest of her team shortly. Please keep sharing the petition and starting conversations about how we can do more to support survivors. Solidarity, Audrey

Waithera Sebatindira
4 years ago