Sexist Dress Code

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Dress code

Lately, the school dress code has become more strict and us girls aren't very happy about it and even though we only have a few weeks of school left we all want is change. So, first of all, let's talk or I guess you can read about how this only applies to girls. All these rules are very gender bias when boys wear tank tops or shorts no teachers say anything about it but when girls wear shorts, tank tops, crop tops, ripped jeans, or things that show our shoulders people say that we are a “distraction” it's not like a classmate is going to say “sally can you change because your shoulder is very distracting and I cant add 1+1”. This is not a great message for girls because no girl should have to change what she is wearing or herself for someone else. also this not a great thing for their self confidence, For example if a girl has a scar,bad skin, or are built a different way this should not stop them from wearing things that they should have the right to wear especially at this age when we often feel the worst about ourselves and weird.also sometimes it can be very hot and we don't want to be having a heat stroke over in the corner. My question is how is me wearing shorts harming anyone? The most common answer is” I don't want to see it” and that one little sentence sounds offensive and if you don't want to see their bodies then just don't look it's not like someone is forcing you to look at them. We even tried to protest just the other day but it didn't get anyone's attention and most girls didn't do it because they were scared to get in trouble just for wearing things that they should have the right to wear. All the adults always tell us that this is a safe space but a lot of boys think that's it is okay to treat girls like they are objects and this is not a way to set a good example. another thing that people argue is that they want us to look professional but there are so many different jobs so many different types of clothing for these jobs so they can’t make us all dress a certain way because we are all going to have different jobs and we are all going to dress differently. plus we are already very different and some people like to express themselves through what they wear. So my final argument is that everyone no matter their gender, race or body form should be able to wear whatever they want in class or at gym class.