Raise the Sewanee Gathering Limit Back to 100 People

There is no logical basis for this new rule. Why should the infractions of a few people impact the other 1500 students who did not violate the rules. Also this is supposedly a rule based on a 'serious and immediate health risk to the student body and faculty.' No one has tested positive for COVID in four weeks. That is because we have all followed the Sewanee bubble diligently for a year and a half. It seems that this motivation is nothing more than a power grab. A power grab by a bunch of people in the Deans Office who want to feel important and bolster their resumes. That's great. Have fun recruiting kids next year and enjoy the wrath of 10 thousand parents. When prospective students ask me about applying to Sewanee I tell them not to, and I have been for the last several months. Specifically, because of the Deans Office. We are not 11 year olds, we have common sense, and we have the ability to make decisions about our own health and wellbeing better than y'all.

I didn't come to Sewanee to live at a daycare.

Will Cummings, Sewanee, TN, United States
9 months ago
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