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Severe Law For Rapists & Sex Offenders : Give Women Their Respect Back

No matter how many cases of rape or sexual violence show up, the government is playing blind to all the atrocities. From India to Steubenville, women all over the world are facing serious threats. Women are not toys. The statistics shows rape cases have gone up in the last few years. This proves that no one is scared. Every one thinks that they can get away with rape because the government or the police officials won't do anything. I m not trying to point fingers here. I am just saying we call our country Mother Land & we worship goddesses & yet no one cares about the respect & protection of women. We are organizing a candle light vigil & a black out on the 26th Jan from 6pm-9pm in India & Steubenville, Ohio & also any one who wants to join us across the globe. This is an effort to bring the whole world together for a common cause.
Its easy to turn your back on the people you don't know but the way things are going on it won't be long when you will be in the same shoes. We need severe laws for sex offenders so they would be scared to death before touching a girl without her permission. Its high time we speak up & take a stand. Protect your daughters, wives, sisters, nieces, friends. We have to help ourselves. We have to take the initiative.

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  • Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, National Commission For Women

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