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Remove the BMI calculator from their website completely.

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Seventeen Magazine has a BMI calculator that is telling perfectly healthy girls between the age of 12 and 20 that they are classified overweight, when in reality a doctor might classify them as a perfectly healthy weight. They have a BMI of 14.8 as healthy all the way up to the age of 18. Any BMI under 17.5 is considered underweight based on an accurate BMI scale, and could potentially lead to a diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa 
As someone in recovery for an eating disorder, I can't believe Seventeen Magazine. At the age of 18, and being 5'3", Seventeen's BMI calculator tells me I'm overweight, and if I wanted to be in their "healthy weight range" I would need to be between 84 and 120 pounds. I would be hospitalized and diagnosed anorexic by my doctor if I even got to 100 pounds.
The website does state that the most accurate way to determine your health based on your weight is to see your doctor. But honestly, a 15 year old girl isn't going to see her doctor. She's going to see that according to Seventeen's BMI calculator it's okay if she gets down to 84 pounds, and that she's overweight if she goes above 125. This is an easy way for girls to fall into an eating disorder and I think that Seventeen should remove the calculator completely from their website.
Please help me by signing this petition so they'll actually consider it.

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