Stop Unsafe Parking on Station Rd, Otford

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Simon Featherstone
Simon Featherstone signed this petition

Vehicles regularly park on Station Rd in Otford both on the road and on the pavement causing an obstruction to pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.  This petition is asking for your support to implement controls to prevent this.

The impact of this parking is as follows:

1.  The free flow of traffic is obstructed causing long delays at peak times.  The resulting tailbacks then block other road junctions and can cause tails backs as far as Rye Lane on PWW, Beadles Garage on Sevenoaks Road and Row Dow on PWE.

2. Parking on the pavement causes safety issues when pedstrians have to step off the pavement, especially given the adjacent school.

3. Cyclists and other vulnerable road users are forced into the path of oncoming traffic.

Please support this petition to reduce delays and improve safety for the whole community.